Work Hard
Play Hard


SportConsult – a Sports Management & Marketing Agency – who has the expertise in guiding football players, coaches and technical managers both on a national (Netherlands) and international level. In addition, SportConsult has experience with mediation for and on behalf of professional football organizations. With as key value building a trust based relationship between and with all parties involved.

Our unique way of playing the field sets us apart from the rest of the market. We are an innovative and energetic organization. Our partners describe SportConsult as loyal, reliable, and professional. In addition to contract management, legal advice, career planning, etc., we coach and support our players in their personal development. Especially on mental, physical and physiological level. With the outcome of various intensive tests, we create a tailor-made program. Every player is unique. We work with a team of 8 specialists in different areas. A close-knit and driven group with all the same goal: “Getting the most out of the player’s career!”.

“Work Hard, Play Hard!”


Since 2017, SportConsult has started its own Talent Academy. The talents – scouted by SportConsult – will get extra training for their specific components and needs. All in close consultation with the Training of BVOs. This takes place in the Dongemond Soccer Center in Geertruidenberg.

SportConsult has put together a team of highly experienced Specialists, all with the development of talents as main skill.

  • experienced football and coordination trainers,
  • mental coach,
  • lifestyle coach,
  • nutrition coach,
  • physiotherapist,
  • podiatrist,
  • medical pedicure,
  • fitness and strength trainer,
  • and an orthomanual therapist.

This way we can optimally contribute to the further development of talented youth players, – who are prepared to work hard on their development – which increases the chance of success as a football player.


All Top athletes – and therefore Top Soccer players – have a big interest with a wide range of specialists, who all contribute to their (stable career) development.

Therefore SportConsult has its own Team of Specialists since 1 September 2021.

Although we are well aware your club also – in many cases-has a Team of Specialists. But we are convinced that “two know more than one”…..and that’s why we opt for this approach within our coaching concept…!

Our Specialists will assist you as a Top athlete in all aspects that are important for your development.

Below you will find all our Specialists:
(Click on a specialization for more information)



Performance Testing

Mental coach / Lifestyle coach

Manuel van de Wal

Physiotherapist / masseuse

Johnny de Deugd

Technical & Coordination Coaches

Nutrition Coach

Marlies van Steenoven


Wout Buijs

Medical pedicure

Cindy Lips

MSK Doctor

(Specialization in

Orthomanual Medicine)

William van de Luijtgaarden

Orthopedic surgeon

Stefan Heijnen


Jeroen Wolters


Rik Schouw

Director external affairs

Hes van Kapel

Director internal affairs

Licenced FIFA Football Agent

Jules Bossers

Players Supervisor

Jos Bakker

Manager, Players Supervisor &

Players Agent SportConsult UK